Product Design and Brand
Creative Direction for Aquazur,
with Hirst Pacific and Lancaster

Brand Creative Direction for
the new hotel in Times Square.

Brand Creative Direction of
the world's first USDA certified
organic athletic drink.

Aereo taps TANK for IAC
launch branding. Mini
Aereo antenna in each.


Creative Direction for the
launch of Yoostar. The new
movie karaoke xbox video


Brand Creative Direction and
broadcast design of Comcast's
new multi-platform horror
network, FEARnet.

Jason Falk co-designed South
Park Toys - figurines, plush and

Watch Winder

Commissioned for John Mayer,
TANK designed and built three
custom watch winder units.


Creative Direction and production
for a new 2012 ad campaign for
Newpark Oil Drilling's new product :

The Seven Rays

Book design and brand creative
direction for Jessica Bendinger's
new YA novel. The writer of the
hit movie, Bring It On.

Pongo Power

Brand creative direction and store
design for Pongo Power one on
one fitness.