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Designit engaged TANKindustries to align its global design brand with the newly acquired Cooper brand. Working closely with the CPE and Designit in-house design team, we embarked on a 6 month brand building initiative. Designit is witty and clever, CPE is candid and wise—we brought them closer together.

Designing for (and with) designers: We collaborated with a small team of Designit’s global designers to create the new identity. Designit’s own structures, ethos, and elements made it a smooth ascent. The outcome is a brand that combines both organizations’ needs: From brand role and brand attributes to color and typeface, and letter spacing right down to iconography.  


The identity design portion of the CPE branding initiative was more design exercise then strategic: there was a parent brand already in place—and we needed to visually align CPE’s new identity. The executive team urged us to go through TANKindustries’ normal design process, but with typefaces, font weights, colors, and structure already in place, we had our eye on a specific design from the start. We still pitched multiple concepts, with the understanding that the Designit team may land on a design concept that we had already discussed. 


When done right, visual identity is a large, and powerful part of an organization’s visual language. The design needed to have a strong foundation, so that other brand elements, in the CPE visual language felt connected and aligned.


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